sperry-logo-block-2.pngSperry Middle School's eighth grade Pre-AP English students recently read The Diary of Anne Frank, and their class discussions led to a sharp interest in the origins of intolerance, hate, and suffering. Seizing the opportunity for a deeper level of learning, Jennifer Williams had her students embark on research projects that would result in original web sites memorializing tragic episodes of history.

These students are moving beyond mere acquisition of knowledge--sharpening skills critical for success in the 21st century . Working both independently and collaboratively, they have culled information from a variety of online and offline sources, verified the validity of their research, organized it into logical groups, and presented it on the Internet.

For the project, the students are using a special version of Google Apps designed for educational institutions that provides Sperry Public Schools with its own "contained" environment for document, spreadsheet, and online forms creation; presentations; web site creation; and email. In addition to developing the students' research and attribution skills, the project is safely introducing students to team collaboration via online tools, as well as the technical and functional structure of web publishing.

Click HERE to visit the student web sites...